Kuluta Buddhist Centre

Centre for Modern Buddhism

Kuluta Buddhist Centre is a Kadampa Buddhist centre, located in Kingston Ontario, dedicated to the attainment of world peace by offering everyone the opportunity to develop lasting mental peace through meditation and related practices.

About Buddhism Calendar


April 4, 2020

Kuluta and Napanee Branch offering live-stream meditations! Please visit Eventbrite.ca to register for either or both! Links are also available on both facebook pages. Napanee class is live on Mondays at 6 and Kuluta is live on Tuesdays at 7. Register in advance or contact us for more info. At this time, meditation is essential to keep a peaceful mind.

March 30, 2020

THE LINK TO TH TUESDAY NIGHT GP CLASS: You will have to type this in your browser: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/kuluta-general-program-meditation-class-tickets-101481927176.

Otherwise click on the link in the post on Kuluta Buddhist Centre in Facebook.

March 30, 2020

The Tuesday night GP class will be taught on line this Tuesday, March 31. You must register to receive this teaching. Go to Facebook to the kulutabuddhistcentre page to find the link where you can register.

Why Meditate?

Normally we seek happiness outside ourself.

No matter how successful we are in improving our external situation, we still experience many problems and much dissatisfaction. We never experience pure, lasting happiness.

By purifying and controlling our mind through sincere spiritual practice, we can ensure that our mind remains calm and happy all the time. Then, no matter how difficult our external circumstances may be, we will always be happy and peaceful.

Kelsang Denpa

Kelsang Denpa is a Canadian Buddhist nun and the resident teacher at Kuluta Buddhist Centre in Kingston. She is a close disciple of Ven. Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, having received lineage blessings and oral transmissions directly from him.

Kadampa Buddhism

Kadampa Buddhism is a Mahayana Buddhist school founded by the great Indian Buddhist Master Atisha (AD 982-1054).

His followers are known as “Kadampas”. “Ka” refers to Buddha’s teachings, and “dam” to Atisha’s special Lamrim instructions known as “the stages of the path to enlightenment”.

Kadampas, then, are practitioners who regard Buddha’s teachings as personal instructions and put them into practice by following the instructions of Lamrim.