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Powa Ceremony

The Powa Ceremony is carried out on special request (usually once per month).  Please check the calendar.

Everyone is welcome to join in this meaningful and profound practice, in which we make strong prayers and use powerful visualizations to help the recently deceased.

We understand that throughout this world millions of humans and billions of animals die every day from so many different causes. If these living beings have the opportunity to take rebirth in a Buddha’s Pure Land they will attain permanent liberation from suffering and experience pure and everlasting happiness. Through practising transference of consciousness, known as ‘powa’ with faith, compassion and concentration we can transfer the consciousness of those recently deceased to a higher rebirth or to the Pure Land of a Buddha.

By engaging in this practice we also create a great collection of virtue, which will also lead us into the pathway to a Buddha’s Pure Land.

The Powa Ceremony can be done either individually or in groups, for one or more deceased beings. Kuluta Buddhist Centre’s monthly powa practice is dedicated to helping all the deceased.